Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yoga Detox

Let me introduce yoy to this weeks renter - Workout4bloggers, click the link and give him a look - say that pupski sent you.

Workout 4 Bloggers as the name suggests gives you exercises and general health tips for those of us who sit at our desks blogging for hours at a time.

This seemed liked the perfect blog for me to host this week as I am starting a detox. Trying to get fitter, eat better and lose weight. So far it is good (except I haven't cut out coffee yet - although I am cutting down slowly - I didn't want to be laid out with a headache for two days like I was last time I detoxed). The main things I am trying to cut out are dairy (cows) produce and wheat, but I am also avoiding things that are very acidic, like tomatoes. The test will be the weekend - watching Hunchermuncher consume coffee and cake - help!

Well I'd better go - I'm off to yoga now.

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