Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gory Pictures and Ripped CD Covers

As I write I am listening to the new Pearl Jam album, which arrived in the post this morning. So far it is excellent. Very rocky, great lyrics. I do however have two criticisms but they are not of the music. The first is the horrible picture on the inside of the cd cover, it is no wonder they are all wrapped in cellophane in the shops, there is quite a disturbing and gory picture inside, I put the cd away so that my son wouldn't see it. The second is that the booklet is fitted so tightly into the cover that my cover ripped as I took it out.

That said I would thoroughly reccomend giving this a listen - my favourite tracks so far are "Severed Hand" and "Marker in the Sand".

Find out more about Pearl Jam here

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Kandii said...

Glad your enjoying new CD.