Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thirteen great lyrics

Thirteen Songs With Great Lyrics

1…. Black - Pearl Jam,

It was hard to choose just one Pearl Jam track as they have so many great Lyrics.
"Sheets of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay,
Were laid spread out before me as her body once did.
All five horizons revolved around her soul,
As the earth to the sun,
Now the air I tasted and breathed has taken a turn"

2...The Changing of the Guards - Bob Dylan,

This has all the ingredients that make a Bob Dylan song great: Tarot, violence, politics and a bit of mystery thrown in for good measure.

"I stumbled to my feet.
I rode past destruction in the ditches
With the stitches still mending 'neath a heart-shaped tattoo.
Renegade priests and treacherous young witches
Were handing out the flowers that I'd given to you."

3... Fire and Rain - James Taylor,

This is one of my favourite songs of all time and the lyrics are sad and lovely.

"Been walking my mind to an easy time my back turned towards the sun
Lord knows when the cold wind blows it'll turn your head around
Well, there's hours of time on the telephone line to talk about things to come
Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground"

4...Young Americans - David Bowie,

Love this!

All the way from Washington,
Her bread-winner begs off the bathroom floor
"We live for just these twenty years
Do we have to die for the fifty more?"

5...Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd,

another band where it was hard to choose just one (and I may have another yet. I like this a lot - simple yet poignant!

"And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees? Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange
a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?

6...African Children - Aswad

"All of the nation are living in these tenements
Precast stonewall concrete cubicles
Their rent increases each and every other day
Structural repairs are assessed yet not done
Lift out of action on the twenty-seventh floor
And when it work it smell"

7...Southern Cross - Crosby Stills and Nash

"So I'm sailing for tomorrow. My dreams are a-dying.
And my love is an anchor tied to you, tied with a silver chain."

8...Sense - The Lightning seeds

"I'm flying high on something beautiful and aimless,
it's got a name but I prefer to call it nameless.
It comes and goes leaves me on a bed of splinters,
feels like I'm living in a town closed down for winter."

9... Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen

"You can hide 'neath your covers
And study your pain
Make crosses from your lovers
Throw roses in the rain
Waste your summer praying in vain
For a saviour to rise from these streets"

10...Senor (Tales of Yankee Power) - Bob Dylan

"Well, the last thing I remember before I stripped and kneeled
Was that trainload of fools bogged down in a magnetic field.
A gypsy with a broken flag and a flashing ring Said,
"Son, this ain't a dream no more, it's the real thing."

11...Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

"There is no pain, you are receding.
A distant ships smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming through in waves.
Your lips move but I cant hear what youre saying"

12...White Man in Hammersmith Palais - The Clash

"White youth, black youth
Better find another solution
Why not phone up Robin Hood
And ask him for some wealth distribution"

13...I Predict a Riot - Kaiser Cheifs

"I tried to get in my taxi
A man in a tracksuit attacked me
He said that he saw it before me
Wants to get things a bit gory"

Apologies! How did I manage to Miss the Red Hot Chilli Peppers off the Lyric list! oh well too late now...

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lam(b) said...

Great choices. I like the Paul Simon song where he goes, "And I could say ooooo-ooooo-ooooo-ooo-oo-oo and everyone here would know what I was talking about. I mean everyone would know exactly what I was talking about." We're up at Lam(b) with moons and things.

Bar Bar A said...

Ok girl, we have very similar tastes!
Love it!

Norma said...

I usually flunk these lyrics TTs, but thank goodness you've included some I know. Thanks.

Mom2fur said...

"Fire and Rain"--that brings back such memories! It was one of my favorites in high school!

jayne d'Arcy said...

A very interesting list. I love Pink FLoyd's The Wall.

sugarnspice said...

Good list indeed :) Only a few songs listed that I don't know.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

those are gooooood.

i love pearl jam and pink flyd too....