Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Not if You Were the Last Dandy on Earth

I watched a DVD called "DIG" on Monday The film charts the friendship and subsequent breakdown of friendship between two bands: The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

I didn't know much about either band and was impressed by the quality of the music. However this is definitely one of those films that leave you feeling glad it's not your life. It is a drug fuelled , insane journey through several years in the life of the two bands.

Basically the two bands met and formed a kind of mutual admiration society, hanging out together and even playing together on stage. But it all turned sour when the Dandys landed a rather large record deal. The Brian Jonestown Massacre were quite probably the most talented of the two bands but couldn't quite hold it together withtheir tour escalating into fights, heavy drug taking and mental illness.

This is a fascinating look at the record industry and life on the road with snatches of genius inspired music thrown in. There wasn't quite enough music for my liking though and the constant bitching was starting to get on my nerves by the end.

Viewers beware this film conttains a seriosly large amount of drug taking and will leave you feeling as wrecked as if you had taken them yourself.

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SupComTabz said...

My friend erick actually toured with BJTM and told me to watch "DIG".

I'm so happy Erick is still alive.