Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'll be your mirror

Today I tried out lead that plugged my ipod into the stereo system in my dining room - and now I want one (unfortunately it wasn't mine). For some strange reason the stereo in the living room doesn't have anywhere you can plug it into, which is real mystery.

We went to Horsey today to have a walk. Yesterday in Norfolk the waether was lovely, the sun was shining, people were wearing shorts. Today was gray but it looked like the sun might break through. No chance, the nearer the coast we got the grayer it became and by the time we got onto the beach it was absolutely freezing and a sea mist was beginning to roll in (so cold I even had my gloves on!). We stayed on the beach all of 10 minutes but we did see two seals! Must have been cold in the noth sea today!

I am blogging this ppicture because the sky is blue like it wasn't today and because i am feeling a little reflective at the moment.

i have been having a purge in my house in the last few days - I have chucked quite a lot of stuff out and took two enormous bags of stuff to the local charity shop. i still need to do more though - I have tackled the living room, my bedroom and the dining room. But I still need to do the computer room, the kitchen cupboards and the horror that is the cupbord under the stairs! N's room also needs a major muck out although that is harder as he is very resistant to getting rid of things and when he does he often bemoans it later. Today for instance he was lamenting the fact that he had sold a computer game a few week ago and later on he was looking for a ladybird book of dinosaurs that I am sure went to the charity shopa few months back when we were convinced it would never be looked at again.

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