Monday, March 27, 2006

The Joy of Connect

Well there I was alone in my therapy room with not a sniff of a client in sight, trying to get to grips with that masterpiece of modern technology - the travel alarm clock. For as all you good Brits who might be reading this will know, yesterday the clocks went forward an hour.

I tried my best with that alarm clock, I really did. We've enjoyed a great relationship up until now. It's quiet, nice to look at, it doesn't answer back and it's always on time. But try as I might (and I did believe me!) I could not fathom how to change the time. Normally it's easy on those things, there were some arrows on the back but turning the button didn't seem to do anything. In the end I conceded defeat gracefully, hoping that someone else will have figured it out by next week when I use the room again.

But alas this was not my only battle with the demon technology today. Normally I look forward to my Monday morning walk to work listening to music on my mp3 player. So I got up got myself ready, switched on the mp3 player and HELP! no music - even though there was supposedly over 900 tracks on there. I had no choice but to leave it as I was late for work, so it was a decidly disgruntled pupski this morning.

When I got home I plugged the player into the Pc and what do you know it said there was over 900 tracks on it. Unplug the player it says there is no music files - it's enough to make even the saintliest girl cry I can tell you. After some research on the net it seemed like the best solution was to take everything off it which I did - and that was where more trouble started. As soon as the player connected with the sonic stage programme it went into this weird loop where it said that it was checking to make sure that the items I had deleted were in my library. Every time it read a file I had to click ok - this went on, and on, and on, and on. Three hours later I was thinking hmm well I know that there were a lot of tracks on there but this is ridiculous. Time for some more research, which was no help.

Time to ring Sony!

The man at Sony was very nice but he was insistent that I needed to re-install Connect (even after I explained to him that it had crashed my computer etc, etc.). He reckoned that most people weren't installing the updates properly because they hadn't uninstalled all the original components. So I duely got rid of everything I could (although worryingly there were several things that it would not let me delete), then we painstakingly re-installed it and now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that it keeps working. It is slower than sonic stage to open up but not the 10 mins it was taking before, at present it takes about two minutes to load up - seems like an eternity when you are raring to go. I would like it to work I really would, I want to be able to use those facilities on my player like top 100. So here's hoping. When I finish writing this I am going to load up the player and hope for the best....

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