Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dance of the Dying Swan

My dear old Swanny
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On the train journey home from Sheffield I saw four pairs of swans. Each pair was in a differnt part of the country (1 just outside Sheffield, 1 near Peterborough, 1 at Ealy and one just before Norwich) and three of the four pairs were sitting alone in the middle of large earthy brown fields.

Swans mate for life it's very romantic. We could learn a thing or two from them. But I do wonder about the wisdom of only having one mate - what if he/she dies young? You are then condemned to alife alone.

When I lived at Shrubb (the commune) there was a pair of swans who came every year to the field in front of the house. They would arrive in November and stay until spring when they would suddenly be gone.One year a tragic accident occurred. One of the pair flew into the overhead power cables and died. It was terribly sad (especially cos some of those carnivorous hippies decided it would make a good christmas dinner - not me I hasten to add!). The remaining swan came back, year after year and sat out the winter on the field alone. It must have been very lonely.

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