Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Suffocating Aroma of Insincerity

Don't you just hate department stores? The worst thing about them for me is the cosmetic and perfume departments. For some reason (in Norwich anyway) these departments are always located on the ground floor near to the entrance, meaning that you have to pass through them to get anywhere else in the store.

We went into Jarrolds today to get something from the art department (why is it that the art and toy departments - the most interesting in my opinion are always on the top floor?) and our senses were immediately assaulted by an array of chemically produced wafts. Add to that the vile lighting and the fake tanned, heavily made-up assistants proffering their sprays to you as you pass and you get a sensory overload of the headache inducing kind. A friend of mine who went shopping for cosmetics in one of these departments recently reported that the staff were openly bitching about the customers and their looks. Would you want a makeover from someone you knew was going to bitch about you to their mate the minute you left?

It's not that I am against perfumes and cosmetics per se, it's just that I prefer mine to be a bit more natural and not tested on rabbits and dogs. I buy mine at Body Shop or Lush. I also prefer them a bit more subtle, and I don't want them in my face whenever I walk into a shop.

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