Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Blandness of shopping Centres a Plea for the return of old fashioned Record Stores (you know the kind where the assistants love music)

Amoeba Records
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Super Gogo took this great picture of a record store of the kind that you don't see too often anymore. When I was a kid every small town had at least one record store - sometimes two and there were loads in every city. This store reminds me very much of the store in the film High Fidelity (a great film incidently). The kind of store where the assistants love music and know what they are talking about.

We live in such a chain store, superstore culture these days that these stores are almost a thing of the past. And sadly even fanatics like me often end up buying our music in the chains cos we can't afford to shop anywhere else.

That said there are a couple of small stores in Norwich that I like to have a browse in especially the 2nd hand stuff (circular sounds). It's so hard for small stores to compete these days and it's sad because all the personality has gone from shopping. They just opened another shopping Mall in Norwich and it looks just like the other one and you could be in any city, in any country.

call me old fashioned but I like air between my shops and I also like quirky little stores that don't sell the same stuff as all the other shops. To me it seems harder to be an individual now than ever before. Everything is bland and well packaged but there's no real flavour or bite to any of it. (click on the word flavour if you want to know what flavour YOU are!)

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