Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Is there room for me in there Jar Jar? Build me a Life Sized Lego Space Ship and let me Fly Away

Lego Space Ship
Originally uploaded by pupski.
N made this foe a Lego Star Wars competition and I think it's great. Wish you could get a life sized one.

I have felt like flying away today, I had a workman doing some electrical work at my house and just when I thought he had nearly finished he told me that they have to come back again next week and take the floors up - aaargh.....

I am never quite sure how to deal with workmen, I know some people go out and leave them to it - but I always feel like I have to stay around. Not sure why, it's either an issue of being in control or maybe i ahve watched too many tv programmes about workmen who rip you off or go through your stuff...

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