Monday, November 13, 2006

Trials and Tribulations of a Visual Artist

Today I am feeling a little fed up - I bought a product called lazertran which you are supposed to be able to photocopy onto and then you can transfer the image onto any surface. I wanted to use it for my visual studies project transferring text and image onto crockery. But alas so I have been thwarted - the photocopier intensely disliked the lazertran - it disliked it so much in fact, that it chewed it up and jammed its mechanism up! What a waste of money - and it was not cheap.

I do have another pack of lazertran that is suitable for ink jet printers and I hope that I will have a bit more success with that. I may just have to splash out on a scanner after all!


Chaotic Mom said...

I've actually wanted to try this product, too. I hope it works for you. Sounds like a VERY interesting project! Will you post pics later, if all goes well?

pupski said...

yes I will try!