Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Fine Art Of Procrastination

I admit it - I am a procrastinator, I can't help myself. I did however manage to do some work today, just not as much as I hoped that I would.

Let's start at the beginning, there I was earlier this week, innocently believing that I had two to three weeks before all my work was due in. I was feeling pretty good - it was all under control. On Tuesday we had a group tutorial and it was then that the horrible truth dawned on me - I have just over a week to finish everything - help! So much work and so little time.

Today was the first day that I knew i could actually get a day at home without any interruptions. I was good - I only played one game of online scabble. I wrote most of a critical appraisal for my visual practice portfolio - now I just have to type it up. It is well over the 500 words though! I made two bowls out of newspaper and polycell (which don't seem to want to dry). I cut out loads of bits for collage. But that's it really - I suppose I did manage to spend two hours looking at printers on the net. Mine is definitely on its last legs. It has had new cartridges, two head cleans, realignment of the print heads and it is still printing liny pictures.

Deciding which printer to buy is a tough call. I have always had epsons and have been happy with them. They do a wide range of prices. I want one that is good for photos so not just the basic model and I think that I will get one that scans as well. These are a little more pricey and I have already ruled out one as it has six colour cartridges instead of four - that would be great for art work but raises print costs considerably.

Surfing the net though is not the best use of time, what I really need to be doing is producing a great work of art - I wish!


theprovocativecynic said...

I bought a new printer/scanner/copier last year for college use. Like you, I am biased in favour of Epsons so bought an Epson CX6600 from ebuyer. It's fantastic, if you want a recommendation - fast, really quiet, excellent picture quality and hasn't let me down on anything I've needed to do for college including all the vast quantities of stuff I produce for the Visual strand. You can stick a smartcard etc straight into it for printing photos etc - but it doesn't fax. Miles better than my daughter's HP equivalent, though. It really doesn't like fake inks, unlike my previous Epson - so I buy multipacks of epson inks from ebuyer which work out to be pretty economical anyway. Hope this helps!

pupski said...

thanks that's really helpful, I have just ordered an epson from pc world - should get it tomorrow.