Friday, September 15, 2006

Noise pollution seems to be a growing problem in modern day society. This week I went to visit my mum in Wiltshire and what I found quite noticable was how much quieter it was than Norfolk. It seems these days that wherever you go in the Norfolk countryside you are within spitting distance of a major road and the noise that accompanies it. I'm not saying that there was no noise in her village, there were a lot of RAF planes around and the odd helicopter but on the whole it seemed a lot quieter.

I sometimes wonder if all the background noise we create is damaging our health. It is certainly raising our stress levels. In Norwich you hear roads, planes, helicopters, emergency vehicles, trains, construction work and then of course their are all the usual house and neighbour noises - tv, music, radio, fridge, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, tumble drier, kettle, lawn mower, video games etc etc...I sometimes find myself yearning for some peace and quiet, just to be somewhere where the only noise is something natural - like the wind in the trees, the sea, or water running over rocks.

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