Monday, January 23, 2006

Boring Blog, Boring Music

Been neglecting my blog of late - so here I am ready to make amends! I am also in desperate need of a new playlist on my MP3 player. I have had the same tracks on their for three weeks now and it is definitely time for something different. The weird thing is though that even though I have it set on shuffle it often seems to play the same few songs whilst others don't get played at all. Is it a design fault. a bug in the software or just coinicidence??

I also need to work on my party playlist. The party is all booked and I have 5 hours to fill! My main worry is that it might snow (it often does on my birthday) and then noone will come...or just that noone will come.....

I need to get a groovy, sexy party outfit as well!

Well this is turning into a very boring blog. I will have to come back later and rectify the situation!

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