Saturday, January 07, 2006

Blasts From The Past

this year I decided that rather than letting my christmas money be absorbed into the general day to day expenditure, I would use some of it to buy something totally uneccessary. and that is exactly what I did!

I bought five Cds and they came to the princely sum of £23:

The Jam - All Mod Cons
The Jam - Setting Sons
Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense
Fugees - Greatest Hits
The Specials - Greatest Hits

I had been thinking a lot about The Jam recently. I used to have a tape of The Jam live in Concert that I recorded off of Radio 1 when I was a teenager, and I wanted to re-visit some of the brilliant tracks that they played in it. Songs like "Away from the Numbers", "girl on the Phone", "Thick as Thieves", "Smithers-Jones", "Mr Clean", "To be Someone". I looked them up on e-bay and was delighted to find that you can buy new Jam cds for as little as a fiver - and here I am listening to thenm now as I type this - and thoroughly enjoying singing along to "In the Crowd" - bliss.

I was slightly disappointed with the Specials cd though, how can you have a Special greatest hits without including "Ghost Town"?

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pupski said...

Just a note - I have since returned the Specials cd as the quality was apalling and it didn't have Ghost Town on it!