Monday, May 14, 2007

Mystical Knot

Mystical Knot
Originally uploaded by pupski.
This is another possible photo for my art project. One of the threads that I was following was to look at the rubbish on my street. I wondered what (if anything) one could read from the litter - could I tell what kind of people lived in the neighbourhood, what class, whether it was rural or urban, what country we were in etc, One thing I was shocked at was just how much rubbish there was considering that this is meant to be a good neighbourhood. We humans certainly make an impact on our environment - I may just go out there with a bin bag when my project is finished and pick all that trash up.


theprovocativecynic said...

This is interesting and I like it the best of all the images you've posted recently, as it seems the most unusual. Particularly like the contrast of the colour with the B&W. Having said that, the marks often seem to go with how good the blag is, rather than on the quality of the final piece. Good luck anyway!

pupski said...

thanks - yes that't sad but true. When I did an art course at city college we used to joke that you could anything at all and get a good mark if you were a good bullshitter!