Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hard as Nails

Twin Nails
Originally uploaded by pupski.
This is another photo from my art project - this one didn't come out as well because the photo in the photo is too white. I'm not sure why it came out like that. It wasn't sunny and I didn't use a flash. It must be a focusing issue - beats me though.

I am still waiting to take some more pictures for this series but it keeps raining.


RichM said...

I like this.

You could print up a half-dozen of these, with varying degrees of darkness, and photograph them as a sort of sequence culminating in the actual nail. Or maybe a postive/negative diptych, with a negative print (Cibachrome?) next to the thing itself.

After the rain, that is.

Huncho said...

Its probably the exposure rather than the focus - as richm says.

pupski said...

thanks very much Rich and Huncho it's always good getting new input