Monday, October 02, 2006

(CD) Wow I'm a Student

Yippee I finally got some cd vouchers from HSBC after quite a lot of chasing on my part. I talked to someone else last week who had been enticed by HSBCs offer and had chosen an MP4 player, which surprise surprise never materialised. Anyway I was determined to get my promised 10 cds and nearly jumped for joy when at last I got an email from cdwow saying my voucher had arrived. Not 10 as promised though - it was two, apparently they will issue two per month - why two per month is a mystery. Perhaps students can't be trusted with more than 2 cds at a time. Perhaps they think we will get so over excited that we will spontaneuosly combust or be so busy listening to them that we won't get drunk or do any work.

Not that I have got drunk yet. I am obviously not a traditional student. It must be to do with being so mature! Sadly I think my drink and drugs days are long past! After a roller coaster of emotions last week I now find myself feeling strangely calm about the whole thing. Someone pointed out to me that far from being a disadvantage, being a mature student who is not caught up in that whole party scene will mean that I can really focus on my work and get as much out of my course as possible.

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