Thursday, October 19, 2006

13 Obscure Single I had as a Teenager

Thirteen Obscure singles that I had as a teenager

1…. Seven Days of Splendour - Jameson Raid
This is a single by a little known band although I did manage to find a link that you can view here. I think they were from Birmingham, I purloined this single from the communal collection at the commune I used to live in - nooone else liked it.
2....Hollywood Tease - Girl
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My friend Rae and I absolutely loved Girl, but listening to them now I can't think why they are absolutely terrible! Maybe it was because they were pretty boys and we were young. Or maybe it was because noone else knew about them. I remember how excited we were when they got on Top of the Pops. Their guitarist Phil Collen went on to play in Deff Leppard.
3....Bad News - The Xdreamysts
I heard this single on the John Peel show and ordered it from my local record shop. It took weeks to come. It came in a clear vinyl sleeve with pink writing and it smelt divine. As you can probably tell this band wasn't even a one hit wonder!
4....Cecil B. Devine - Blazer Blazer
Another 70s rock band that didn't quite make it. I think I bought this from the discount box in my local record store. I liked it a lot at the time.
5....Women in Uniform - The Skyhooks
The Skyhooks were an Austrailian new wave band that never made it very big over here, which is hardly surprising given the sexist sentiments of the song. I was surprised to find that they are still going strong - click the link above to see a truly shocking photo!
6....Frustration - Purple Hearts
The Purple Hearts were part of the late 70s mod revival and they were great. I never heard much about them after this single though. I used to have a tape of them supporting The Jam in concert.
7....Laser Love - After the Fire
Semi new wave. This single is opaque dayglo orange vinyl. I bought it in Rumblelows, which was an electrical shop. I liked it a lot but went off them when I discovered that they were evangelical christians - yes I know it is prejudiced but I was a teenager! They are also still going.
8....See You Later - The Regents
Not to be confused with the American 60s band the Regents, these Regents were British and punky. They looked but they might be big but then drifted into obscurity.
9....Time For Action - Secret Affair
Another superb Mod revival band. Ian Page was fantastic, and although this song was a hit I never understood why they weren't bigger.
10....Don't Be a Dummy - John Du Cann
This was actually John Cann, forerly of Atomic Rooster, although this was a very new wave style track. It was used for a levi advert and became a minor hit.
11....Which Way Did the Wind Blow - Grand Prix
Another heavy rock band with a terrible name! I liked this a lot at the time - they were like a cross between Foreigner and Whitesnake, and yes I believe they are still going.
12....Passion Killer - One the Juggler
Don't really know how to describe this band. They looked like a bunch of gypsies and sounded like a cross between Split Enz and Crowded House.
13....Teenage Warning - The Angelic Upstarts
Punk with a vengence, best known for the violence at their gigs and later became admired by the skinheads.
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amy said...

great post.thanks for participating

Shoshana said...

Neat post...I should do this sometime, except that I have no time to hunt my fave song.

Christina said...

Fun post! I don't recognize any of these singles, but my husband, who prides himself on his "obscure" music collection, probably would.

Happy Thursday!

Brony said...

And do you still have them?
Happy TT!

pupski said...

yes I do still have them!

Tug said...

Wow, 2 music posts in a row & I sucked at both of them. HA.

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

What is an earthdog? And good choice re Louise Erdrich. Have you read Michael Dorris - her husband?

pupski said...

an eath dog is a dog that lives on earth!

yes I have read Michael Dorris - I loved his books too!

Chelle Y. said...

Believe it or not, I have never heard of any of those songs. :)

Anonymous said...

Ever tried Ellen Gilchrist? Even better than Erdrich and Dorris.....

pupski said...

yes actually I am a great fan of Ellen Gilchrist too! I started reading her novels way back in the 1980s and have been a fan ever since. I love her titles too - that was attracted me to her books in the first place.