Thursday, October 19, 2006

Artists and Personal Suffering

Talking of artists who use their own life and experiences to fuel their work one should not overlook Frida Khalo. Most of her work is very personal reflecting her turbulant realtionship with Diego Riviera, her years of pain caused by the injuries that she sustained in a bus crash when she was a teenager and her experiences of miscarriage. She had a difficult yet full life and altough I do not like a lot of her work I can't fail to admire her. I think her work is somehow a bit too raw and painful for me, as is that of artist Hannah Wilke who photographed and filmed her expeiences of cancer. It is moving yet distressing work to view - Wilke eventually lost her battle with cancer in 1993.

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Anvilcloud said...

Cuppa tells me that the same is true of some poets. They had dark lives but wrote great poetry.