Friday, January 27, 2006

Stick the Knife in!

I am making an absolute point of not watching the final of Celebrity Big Brother tonight. I have never seen such a farce in my life. The only one that seems remotely interesting is Maggot. Pete Burns is obviously intelligent but is so two faced it's untrue. N finds him repulsive to look at because he is so surgically enhanced and I have to agree. There seems to be more and more a culture where people are encouraged to surgically alter their image and I find that trend disturbing. In the old days you would get a makeover, a diet/exercise programme and a counsellor to help you sort out your body issues - these days a makeover on tv more often than not entails going under the knife, with a bit of counselling to help you cope with the change.

Is this really the way we want to go? They don't usually mention that surgery is dangerous, can go wrong and that any deep seated psychological problems won't be cured overnight, either they don't go away at all or the effect is short lived - isn't that why so many people, especially celebrities (who can afford it) go back for more and more surgery. Often until they look like some grotesque parody of their former selves, which brings us back to Pete Burns. Now I like Pete in the 80s when he was a proper (well properish) bloke, as a bloke he was quite attractive! I saw that they have re-released Dead or Alives only hit "You Spin me Round" which is is actually quite a good track. But what a video - although whenever it comes on I do find it strangely fascinating to watch, it took me a while to work out that all the characters on the video are Pete!

Of course the other thing that they don't mention about cosmetic surgery is what will happen if you put on weight. I remember in the 1980s my friend visited a healer and met a woman in his waiting room who was suffering a lot of pain. She had had liposuction and a tummy tuck some years before and when she hit menopause and put on some weight her skin wasn't elastic enough to cope with it - ouch! And some of those celebs who have face lifts look really weird when they plump up a bit - they get the hamster cheeks, which looks really weird (renee Zellwigger and Mariah Carey!). Well I guess surgery is just not for me - however if someone comes up with a magic wand that can vanish flab and cellulite I might give that a go!

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