Wednesday, January 25, 2006

In a Rut - Gotta get out of it....

Yes it's true, I have once again been revisting my youth and have put some Ruts tracks on the MP3 player. i am thoroughly enjoying them too! I am not ashamed to revisit my roots (or dye my roots for that matter!).

Top 5 Ruts tracks

1) West One (Shine on Me)
2) In a Rut
3) Something that I Said
4) Staring at the Rude Boys
5) Babylon's Burning

Noticed that a few oldies are bringing out albums this year, was pleased to see Richard Ashcroft resurfacing (albeit with an ego the size of a small planet), not so bothered abou John Denver and Barry Manilow (as if!) but the new Belle and Sebastian album might be worth a listen.

The party plans are coming on well as is the party playlist (more on that later). Gotta go now as running late for my yoga class - yes back to yoga AND I went to the gym yesterday!

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