Friday, May 20, 2005

What do we put down our toilets?

A friend who read my blog got me thinking about what we put down our toilets. She knows someone who puts all manner of stuff down her loo - teabags, paper, food, plastic bags... It is a subject that I sometimes ponder whilst on foreign trips. In the UK we flush loads of stuff down the loo yet in other parts of Europe they don't even flush away toilet paper (presumably this is to conserve water and to quicken the biodegrading of waste).

When you start reading about and talking to people it is amazing the kinds of things that they do put down their toilets. Here are some examples:
dead goldfish
nappy liners
tea leaves and coffee grounds
cotton wool
cat litter
hamster (accidently)
dead mice
and more

I found this site that tells you that only paper, and bodily waste should go into the sewage system.

This seemed like a pertinent subject considering the furore about the alleged Qu'ran in the toilet incident I can think of several books that should be flushed down the toilet...

On a lighter note I found a great little survey on toilet habits.

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