Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Edible toilet tissue??

Minty green Posted by Hello

What is this obsession the British have about naming toilet tissue colours after food - so far this week I have spotted minty green, soft peach, fresh peach (?), orange (well I'll excuse that one!), lemon yellow and honey and I'm sure there are more.

Why not just wipe your bum on a piece of fruit or a nice sandwich. Or maybe you could eat after you wipe - like Star Trek where they recycle bodily waste into food in the replicators. If Captain Picard described his tea as nats pee there would be a chance that that is what it really is!

Star Trek is supposed to be the Utopian vision of how great things will be in the future - well eating your own s*** doesn't sound all that great to me!

And another thing you'd think that if things had moved on so much that the women might have given up those eye bogglingly tight figure accentuating outfits so obviously designed for men to look at (Or at least make men wear them too!). Fat women just wouldn't look good in those uniforms would they? Well luckily there's not a single roll of fat to be seen anywhere on the Enterprise, either they have cured obesity in the future, wiped out fat people in a bout of ethnic cleansing or more likely there are no calories in recycled sewage! Bring on the replicated choccy cake!!

More loo related trivia to be found at:http://www.worldtoilet.org/advertorials/On_a_roll.htm

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