Monday, January 30, 2017

Minimalism Project - Blondie Parallel LInes

A couple of years ago I started attempting (on this very blog) to review all the albums that I owned. I got about four or five in and lost momentum. Now I am proposing a different approach. This year I intend to listen to every CD I own - and if I don't love it I will get rid of it. (read more about my minimalism project here) I am going to do mini reviews of the albums as I go.

CD 2

Parallel Lines by Blondie (1978)

This is another album that I once owned on vinyl and it has always been my favourite Blondie album (although I do retain a certain fondness for their second album Plastic Letters, which I may have once had on tape but never owned). The Internet tells me that Parallel Lines that was much more commercial than their previous two. It certainly contains some hits - Hanging on the Telephone, Picture This, Sunday Girl and disco driven Heart of Glass all feature on this album, which pretty much guaranteed it commercial success. These are not my favourite tracks on the CD though - I prefer their less poppy tracks. My particular favourites are 11:59 (the only track on the album written by keyboard player Jimmy Destri), Will Anything Happen and Fade Away and Radiate. There's a definite pop-punk feel to this album and it seems obvious to me that it influenced some of the later pop-punk bands like The All American Rejects and Green Day. I can see why the album was number 1 in the album chart - I don't listen to it often now - but I definitely still enjoy it when I do. 


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