Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How to Say Goodbye...

One of the things about a holiday is that it gives you a bit of space to think and I got to thinking about a conversation I had with a friend recently about what music she would want played at her funeral. I found myself wondering what music I would want played at MY funeral. It's a difficult one. Some people might go for poignant songs or songs with meaningful lyrics, then there are the obvious songs about dying, death and saying goodbye. Of course one could go the other way and include childish songs, joke songs or those that would generally be deemed inappropriate for a funeral - or one could view it as a last opportunity to inflict your musical taste on friends and family.

Personally I would go for songs I love and hope that they mean something to everyone else. The danger is though that you could ruin a good song for your loved ones. Years ago someone sang "Summertime" at a close friend's funeral and I haven't wanted to listen to it since.

Here is my list so far:
Damien Rice - Volcano
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
The Clash - Stay Free
John Martyn - Over the Hill
Damien Rice - 9 Crimes

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