Monday, January 22, 2007


I should be writing my horror story for college or working on my art project - but what am I doing? Thinking about whether or not to have a party for my birthday this year. last year I had one, I hired a room at a pub - it was great, but I was 40. Not sure 41 warrants spending so much money - and also as Hunchermuncher pointed out, would so many people come. However despite all that I am still tempted - partly because I like to boogie and don't often get the chance.

What is it that makes a good party? I was talking about that to someone at college today. We decided that the worst kind of parties are the ones that aren't good but you can't work out why. I have been to a few of those over the years - I remember going to a party once years ago where everyone sat on chairs around the edge of the room and no one spoke to each other.

I think my best ever party was my 21st birthday. I was living in a commune out in the countryside. Hundreds of people came (including a lot of gatecrashers) and we had bands playing, lots of food and a bonfire outside. Not sure I want to do things on that scale these days though....


theprovocativecynic said...

Have a house party and get revenge on your student neighbours by playing very loud disco music when they're all in a dope-induced sleep!

RichM said...

Well, you could try and combine ideas and have a horror-themed birthday party. Some people would welcome an excuse to bring out their costumes which otherwise sit in the back of the closet except at the end of October.