Tuesday, July 12, 2005

If Music be the food of love...

Haven't written much blog recently as I have been too busy, what with one thing and another (show, work on house, birthdays etc).

It has been interesting for me to discover that since my courses have finished I have found myself listening to more music. There are several possibilities as to the reason for this:

1) I have more time and mental/physical space for listening to music now I am not studying.
2) I have been slightly depressed and music lifts your spirits/ or you listen to more music when you are low.
3) My neighbours have moved out so I am more relaxed.
4) Writing about music in my blog made me want to listen to it.
5) Watching Live 8 revived my interest in music both new and old.
6) It's summer.
7) A combination of the above.

It is certainly true that watching Live 8 fired up my enthusiasm for music again. There is just not enough good music on mainstream TV these days. In fact all there is only Top of the Pops or Jools Holland, which is on late (and I must confess I can't stand him). I used to enjoy TFI Friday and the Tube, even The Word and The Girlie Show in the 90s was better than the smug pap we are offered as music tv these days! In the 80s there were some good youth programmes on BBC2 and channel 4 where they interviewed bands like the Clash. What we need is some edgy prime time music tv (without the good Jools!) to get us all back into listening to and buying music.

Talking about buying music, I did order two CDs yesterday. The first was American Idiot by Green Day and the second was an oldie, Aliens by Horslips, first released in 1977. D and I have also been listening to the Kaiser Chiefs this weekend, who were incidently on live 8 (and were very good). They are a very british band and remind me a bit of a cross between Pulp, Blur and Stiff Little Fingers!

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