Monday, January 24, 2005


I have been reding up the art of wall building...several years ago a friend and I buit a dry stone wall in a garden near Newcastle ... I remember that it didn't stop raining but what I didn't remember was how complicated it is ( The idea was to build a wall for the access art show in July, but I just can't decide how to do it. Ordinary bricks are too regular and ...well ordinary! I thought about making a wall out of detritus, using rubbish or found objects, which may or may not work and how would I hold it together. Other ideas were to make a wall out of bricks made from crushed cans or metal, or to make bricks out of resin with thing inside it. It is a real dilemma. While I have been mulling over this problem I have looked at a lot of art made from old rubbish on the net. One of my personal faves is John Dahlson who makes enormous (and some very beautiful) sculpture out of rubbish found on Austrailian beaches, including a giant bottle made of old flip-flops!!
But back to the issue of bricks and walls...........hmmm any ideas??

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