Saturday, June 09, 2007

Taking a Cabbage for a Walk

On Monday I have to attend a meeting where we are told what groups we will be in for our theatre project next term. I have to admit to a certain amount of trepidation about this. Besides the obvious worries about ending up in a group with someone difficult I have very little theatrical experience. It's funny really, I loved theatre when I was young. Appearing in two Gangshows - one when I was 6 and the other when I was 13 - were the high points of my childhood.

My friend and I even tried to join Thetford Amateur Dramatic Society, but weren't made to feel particularly welcome so only went once. I suppose I was a bit of a drama queen as a teen. My friends and I used to pull stunts like ringing people up and trying to keep them talking or attaching a lead to a cabbage and taking it for a walk like a dog.

Where did all that dramatic energy go I wonder? At what point did I stop being a big show off and become more introverted? Was it gradual? Is it maturity? I'm not sure that I know the answer myself - it's not that I want to be a show off now, but I wouldn't mind getting back some of that unselfconcious self-confidence that comes with youth - it would certainly help me with my drama project.

Anyone fancy coming for a walk with a cabbage?


theprovocativecynic said...

self-consciousness comes with age definitely, and more's the pity - though my mother says you develop a 'don't give a damn' attitude again in old age. So sorry - you're on your own with the cabbage at present!

The tutors seem to have a pretty set rule for dividing up the groups for the performance project - one mature student per group, one raving lunatic, one terrible bore, three totally unreliable and/or lazy b*ggers and two normal people per group about sums it up - but don't quote me! Good luck!!!

RichM said...

And at every corner it lifts it's leaf.