Thursday, June 07, 2007

Stop and Look Around You

Roller Wire
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I have wondered for a while about the story behind this paint roller, which is susended on a telephone wire on the street next to mine. Who put it there? Why? How? It has been there for at least six months now - I suppose they would need a crane to get it down.

I noticed a lot of odd things around my neighbourhood when I was doing my latest visual project. There is a huge amount of rubbish on the streets for a start. Some of it is litter dropped by passers by, but quite a bit has been dropped by the dustbin men and the recycling truck. There is all kinds of graffiti - some of it funny, some of it artistic and some conveying a message like the stencils on the pavement with a picture of a dog, that say "bag it and bin it." Then of course there is dog mess - there always seems to be more of at this time of year - last year some bright (or mad) spark went round sticking cocktail sticks into it with little flags bearing messages like "pooh", "shit" and "clean me up". There is an abundance of cats and of skips overflowing with greenery, broken toilets and rubble. There are discarded recycling boxes, bin bags that never quite made it through the letterbox and now residing in someone's hedge. There are hundreds of singing birds - especially blackbirds and pigeons. And if you are out early (or late) enough you might be lucky enough to see a fox (N saw two on our street a few weeks ago).

What I came to realise is that this is an interesting neighbourhood - despite its' downside - and everywhere has them. Sometimes it's good to just stop for a minute and look at what's around you - or take a camera and really look at where you live - not at the obvious - cars, houses and the like. Look beyond that, at what's beneath your feet, what is in the gutters, in the hedges, in the trees or hanging from wires!


YummY! said...

There was once a mop up in a tree in our neighborhood. It was there for months, but when I finally broke down and went with my camera to get a shot of it it was gone.

theprovocativecynic said...

This is a very interesting post - and bizarrely-cheering. Had forgotten due to neighbour nuisance how many things there are to like about living right in the centre of the city. Will try to remind myself to try out your suggestions when all I can think of is the urge to escape. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have seen many shoes on wires, but never paint rollers.

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