Sunday, August 06, 2006

Stereo Sanity

Well it's finally happened, after years of moaning and saying I want one I finally went and bought a new stereo - YIPEE! My life has already vastly improved - my only gripe is that I didn't buy a turntable too, that will be next. Thanks very much to my grandma who left me a little bit of money and too Hunchermuncher who put it all together for me.

I am dead chuffed (as they say somewhere or other) - I used to have a good stereo years ago, but gradually piece by piece it wore out and for some reason I never replaced it. i think when my son was little I didn't listen to music so much. Since then I have had various all in one things that my mum has bought me over the years - passable sound but only passable. Now I have the old fashioned kind, seperate amplifier, cd player (that only plays one cd at a time - hooray!) and lovely speakers and it all looks good too. My last stereo was a silver hideous space age monstrosity!

Not only that but I also invested in a bigger tv table to house all the gadgets we all seem to have these days. When I moved to this house 7 years ago we just had a tv and a vcr - now we have those but we also have a dvd player, a digi box and a playstation. i got sick of the mess of wires all around the tv stand and I can only wonder why I didn't sort it out sooner!

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