Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thirteen Albums I would love to get on CD

1…. Sheer Heart Attack - Queen

I have owned several copies of this over the years but never on cd.

2....Live and Direct - Aswad

I used to love this album, but it seems very hard to find on CD.

3....Pure - The Lightning Seeds

another one that is hard to come by. I still have my pre-recorded tape!

4....Machine Head - Deep Purple

I watched Classic Albums last night and it reminded me what an excellent one this was!

5....Dreamboat Annie - Heart

just for a bit of nostalgia! I liked this a lot when I was in my early 20s.

6....Dub Side of the Moon - Easy Star All Stars

I only discovered this recently and have the track money. Brilliant!

7....Heavy Horses/Aqualung - Jethro Tull

couldn't choose between these two - they are quite different to one another, Aqualung is more of a concept album and is slightly darker, whilst Heavy Horses has a lot of feel good tracks and somehow seems very English (songs about woodland and the countryside).

8....Into the Music/Hard Nose the Highway - Van Morrison

ok so maybe it's cheating slightly to have two but there are more Van Morrison albums than this that I could have listed! I used to have Into the Music on pre-recorde tape when I was a teenager and have never got round to replacing it. Just recently however, I have found myself wanting to hear it again. Check out "And the Healing has Begun".

9....Transformer - Lou Reed

another one I just never got round to updating. I recently bought a cd copy of Coney Island Baby, which is excellent. This is a classic and I should be ashamed of myself for not upgrading!

10....Led Zeppelin I

I have an extremely knackered vinyl version of this, probably too knackered to play!

11....Dreams - Grace Slick

another album that I used to have on vinyl. Not many people have heard of this one. I also had one called "Sunfighter" by Grace Slick and Paul Kanter that was really good.

12....Quark, Strangeness and Charm - Hawkwind

a real blast from my past but stands up surprisingly well against the tests of time. Even though this was always my absolute favourite Hawkwind album I never have owned my own copy (shame on me!). Listened to some of it recently and it sounds very fresh, unlike a lot of their other stuff.

13....Folkjkeopus/The Unknown Soldier - Roy Harper

both excellent albums that I had on vinyl. Completely different to one another. Folkjkeopus is folky, acoustic, hippy songs whereas The Unknown Soldier is electric, more rocky and features artists like David Gilmour and Kate Bush.

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Susan said...

Those are some great oldies!!! Brings me back a few years. Great List!
My TT is up!

Carmen said...

Thats an ecclectic list of CDs you want!

armywife said...

i think that is a great list (i know about all most all of them and will look up the rest).

i've also posted at

Mama Duck said...

Great list, I'll have to check out some of them!

Red said...

Well, you know, they're having some great sales at HMV and Virgin these days. I have been buying loads of CDs for no more than £4.99. Bargain, no?

Happy TT!

Lynn said...

I used to have Dreamboat Annie but a roommate walked off with it;-( I love Van Morrison! Great list. Hope you find them! Thanks for stopping by.