Friday, December 23, 2005

Top Ten for December (and no absolutely NO Christmas songs!)

Decided the other day that each month of the year I will make a top 10 of songs for that month, so here is my Top 10 songs for December 2005:

1) Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
absolutely superb AND you can dance to it too!

2) Square One - Coldplay
From the album X & Y, which I have to say has really grown on me. Love this track.

3) Sorry - Madonna
From her latest album, better than Hung Up and that's pretty good. Wouldn't mind betting that this is released as a single. Very dancey!

4) Give me Novacaine - Green Day
Fantastic! Thoroughly enjoyed watchong the Greens on an extended Top of the Pops last week. i would love to see them live, they have such a brilliant energy. This track is from American Idiot.

5) High - James Blunt
I really like this track, actually I quite like James Blunt in general, although I found him slightly annoying when I saw him interviewed. I haven't yet bought his album but I may do!

6) She's a Rebel - Green Day
Good rocky track, never fails to perk me up!

7) Trenchtown Rock - Bob Marley and the Wailers
From Live, revisited this album this week (on vinyl) and thoroughly enjoyed it!

8) Talk - Coldplay
I make no apologies for liking Coldplays latest album, I haven't always liked their previous stuff, but I am really getting into this one and find it neither boring nor maudlin (two accusations levelled at them in last weeks Observer music mag)!

9) Burden of Shame - UB40
Going back to my roots...always liked UB40, although not so keen on their later stuff. I think I prefered them when they were more streetwise. This is from the most excellent album Signing Off.

10) Speed of Sound - Coldplay
Yes three Coldplay tracks in this months top 10. Lets hope the new year brings some musical gems.

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