Thursday, November 04, 2004

3rd November 2004 Weds


Have spent the entire day making a collograph plate (thats a template for printing - basically a bit of card with things stuck on it to form a picture) which is more knackering than it sounds.

I am experimenting with a new approach to working - normally I like to dive straight in in a very free and spontaneous way and this time I am being very clear and precise (which is why it took so long) and making preliminary sketches. It's certainly a challenge for me - I am fairly resistant to rules and rigid ways of doing things (maybe it stems the years I lived in a hippy commune). I have always been a bit of a rebel - if someone told me to not to do something as a child I just wouldn't be able to resist doing it. Couple that with an impatience to get to the fun bit where you are actually creating something and getting your hands dirty and you will see that I have a bit of a problem with the traditional route of planning, preliminary skethches, preparation etc. Still challenge is good for the heart and soul and I was surprised to find that there is a certain satisfaction to be had from being so precise about how you work - it just remains to be seen whether the finished prints will look any better than if I had stuck the bits down haphazardly!!

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