Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Secret Hell of Wooden Spoon Girl

Deadlines fast approaching so posts may be a bit thin on the ground for a few days. I had been working on a piece using wooden spoons, text and photos but I have all but given up on the wooden spoon idea for the moment - it just doesn't seem to be working. Inanimate objects sometimes just won't cooperate. The lazertran is too fragile once applied to the wood and flakes off at the edges - and I also haven't come up with a satisfactory way of displaying them. I like the ones with the text on them though - But I feel like they are not enough on their own the ones with pictures on would have pulled the whole thing together.

I have also been struggling with my critical appraisals, firstly I am not sure if I am doing them right and secondly 500 words just doesn't seem enough - I keep on editing and my first one is still 670 words.

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