Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Artist's Dilemma

It's a dilemma as an artist - do you produce something that is pleasing to the eye, or do you follow the idea that is in your head, that might not be beautiful. I have struggled with this over the years. Sometimes I do make things that are good to look at, but often I make work that is more artistically challenging.

The struggle I guess is with the ego. The ego wants people to walk into the room and go wow that's great, I really like it or whatever, and when they don't I can't help wishing they could understand it.

Today however, after talking to a friend last night about who you make work for, I realised that yes I do want people to like my work. it's a bonus if they do. But I should not let that hang up stop me from making art. If I am only making it to receive the praise of others then that is not the right reason to make it. Henceforth I will endeavour to folllow my artistic urges and blow the criticism. Lots of great and famous artists were slated and misunderstood in their lifetime. Surely it is better to make a piece of art from the heart than a shallow one with the aim of pleasing others!

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LadyBugCrossing said...

Create from your heart - it will be beautiful to you and what God intended. He blessed you with immense talent - do what is best for YOU. Besides, who gives a flying fig what the rest of the world thinks!