Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The attraction of power

What is it about rich and powerful men that enables them to attract and keep gorgeous women - even when they are unattractive egotists. I can only surmise that it must be the fame, power and money. It's strange though when the boot is on the other foot, so to speak, and a man partners up with a famous/ rich women the relationship invariably doesn't last. Just look at Britney, Geri Haliwell, etc. It seems that statistically a relationship has more chance of surviving if both partners are famous or if the man is more so.

I wonder about the cause of this. Is it that men feel emasculated by a powerful or successful woman? Is it that men like to be the centre of attention? Or is it that the media makes more of it if a female celebrity is with an unknown than if it was the other way round, putting undue stress on the relationship?

It was seeing the new book by the so called domestic goddess Nigella Lawson that got me thinking about it. Now we all know that Dear Nigella, after being married to that nice man who died of cancer is now married to a man who some people believe (especially in art circles) to be the anti-christ, Charles Saatchi - now that must have come as a nasty shock for her children.

Now I'm not convinced that Charlie really is the anti-christ, although he certainly does have an unhealthy penchant for grisley and sick works of art. But he is unattractive and a bit odd, and she is extremely attractive. That beggars the question what does she see in him? - apart from fame, wealth, power and great art connections (and collection!). I mean would you want Tracey Emins bed in your dining room for six months? No thanks that's not for me - although I would like to be able to afford to buy some art, but I was thinking of something a bit smaller and more pleasing to the eye - something by that nice Babs Hepworth perhaps...

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