Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ladybird Books

For some reason I woke up this morning thinking about Ladybird Books. My sister and I had an extensive collection between us. Some of them were traditional stories like The princess and The Pea and Beuty and the Beast and others were stories featuring (usually naughty) animals like Smoke and Fluff or Lost at the Fair. What set me off was the Story of Chicken Licken.

Books that I can remember
Chicken Licken
Smoke and Fluff
Lost at The Fair
Bunnikins Picnic party
The Magic Porridge Pot
The Little Red Hen
Beauty and The Beast
Goldilocks and The Three Bears
Piggly plays Traunt
The First Day of the Holidays
The Princess and the pea
Bunny's first Birthday
The Bunny Fluffs Moving Day
Gingers Adventures
Ned the Lonely Donkey
Mr Badger to the Rescue
Snow White and Rose Red
Alfred the Great
What to Look for in Summer

and I'm sure there were many more. My favourites were Lost at the Fair (about a mouse who goes to the fair, has a ride on an elephant and because he is greedy tries to pick a big acorn and is left hanging in a tree) Smoke and Fluff (about some naughty kittens and what they get up to whilst their mum is out at the shops - especially memorable for the bit where they knock off a policemans helmet with a mop) and The First Day of the Holidays (two naughty penguins who are supposed to be shelling peas steal a motorbike!). I'm sure there are a great many of us who grew up in the 60s and 70s who had our personalities moulded (or warped?!) by rteading Ladybird books.

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