Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Recycled poetry

I was playing around with the Guardian review cuttin odd sentences or parts of sentences that I found attractive, then I started putting them together and realised that I could make a kind of poetry. A bit like when you use those magnetic poetry kits that were all the rage a few years ago. But this was with bits of sentences taken from completely different articles...

In doing this I discovered two things
1) Glossy magazines (even Sunday ones) are hard to get good snippets from, in fact I didn't get one in the end they all came from the Saturday review.
2)I could not find much that was meaningful in any of it! I got barely a hundred words from the whole supplement.

here are two of them - the best one is incorporated into some art so I won't print it here!

Remind Me

examination of the
manifold selves that make up
testify to the stupendous ingenu-
ity of the creator.
all love leaves
the 90 minute groove:
The simplicity
of statement persists
Irreverence carries him
the same as the tree,
pleasingly provocative.

the death of public figures

absence of interest
might be achieved,
in the abyss alongside those
he lives with,
the simplicity
tablecloth blows up,
soldiers vanish,
into a
massed display of religiosity.

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