Monday, December 06, 2004

Suicide and love....

I have been thinking a lot about suicide and why people do it....a friend told me that someone she knew had and it was the second this year....
I must confess that I have contemplated it briefly in the past in the depths of depression....but somehow it seems too's like you are punishing those left behind...and I would certainly never do it now I have a child, they would spend the rest of their lives thinking that it was there fault.

It's sad that in the UK suicide rates are higher than ever before, and so the papers tell us rage incidents are rising - is it a byproduct of this speedy, goal orientated age we live in? Is it because all those mobile phones are frying our brains?? Is it all the talk of war, diaster and killing. Is it all those movies and games that are so violent - or is it that movies portray a fantasy romantic world that for most of us bears no resemblance to real life.

We are told that we are lucky, we have never had it so good, certainly we own more stuff than ever before...but are we really better off, sometimes I wonder. Most of us have lost touch with the ordinary function of living, we are so busy playing computer games, eating tv dinners and rushing around that we forget the basics. Food grows in the ground, we breathe air, we need love to survive as well as all the gadgets and consumer products. We need to get back in touch with the planet somehow...quick get me away from this computer!!!

Someone once told me that to be a good healer you have to be able to both give and receive love and I think that that is true. I hope that love comes through in my reflexology treatments.

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Mr Wabbit said...

Yep, we can do more good and be kinder than ever before.

We can also do more damage. There's more of us, and we're living longer. Young people are gradually being deprived of any real chance at life by the fact that things are simply too expensive, and few jobs will take you without a degree or experience.

Suicide is selfish, but then again if you're not selfish you end up being trodden into the ground in our current society.